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Black Friday: A Shameful Orgy Of Materialism For A Morally Bankrupt Nation

“…the U.S. economy loses approximately 9,000 jobs for every 1 billion dollars of goods that are imported from overseas…Overall, the U.S. has run a total trade deficit with the rest of the world of more than 8 trillion dollars since … Continue reading

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AmeriKa: They Ran Out Of New

America’s REAL PROBLEM is they have run out of new…In short, there is no new shit to buy and there hasn’t been for some time. In a nation where mindless consumption is the religion and mandate of the State, you … Continue reading

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Paula Deen, tell ’em all to go to hell:

The white race is the only race in recorded human history to ever actually and actively participate in its own genocide. The Paula Dean fiasco is a vivid illustration of how the “guilt trip” technique works toward that end. It also … Continue reading

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