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10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet

via The Economic Collapse When is the economic collapse going to happen?  Just open up your eyes and take a look around the globe.  The next wave of the economic collapse may not have reached Wall Street yet, but it … Continue reading

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Denial Is Not Just A River In Egypt: 10 Hilarious Examples Of How Clueless Our Leaders Are About The Economy

via Economic Collapse They didn’t see it coming last time either.  Back in 2007, President Bush, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and just about every prominent voice in the financial world were all predicting that we would experience tremendous economic … Continue reading

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From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the ‘fiscal cliff’ bill

Posted by Brad Plumer on January 2, 2013 at 9:00 am at The Washington Post’s Wonk Blog  By now, we’ve heard all about the big stuff in the fiscal cliff bill that finally passed on Tuesday. The Bush tax cuts … Continue reading

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Why Ron Paul Never Fit in on Capitol Hill

Written by Gary North on January 3, 2013 via The Tea Party Economist This evening, Ron Paul will no longer be a member of Congress.   It has happened before. At the end of this day in January 1977 he … Continue reading

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