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Great Parents?

I have never met Lynn Bloxham in person but over the past few months we have become good cyber friends and confidants. She has done a lot for me with regard to the promotion of my book: The Betrayed: On … Continue reading

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Jesus Is an Anarchist

This is a tad long but excellent reading for a cold winter weekend in front of the fireplace. — jtl, 419 (A free-market/libertarian anarchist, that is–otherwise what is called an anarcho-capitalist.) by James Redford via Anti-State.com The above title may seem like … Continue reading

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SOME GUERRILLA SNIPER POINTS – via Suarez International 1). Firing Position Overload (FPO): The sniper fires from an area with many potential firing positions adjacent to his position, as well as in front of it. For example, a building with … Continue reading

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Jack Booted Governmet Thug Watch

Nowadays, crimes like this occur multiple times on a daily basis. And, believe it or not, there are still spittle chins out there who are willing to make excuses for the costumed thugs. Gas chambers are not far behind. — jtl, … Continue reading

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Conservative Journalist: Feds Raided My Home

Watch this (it is short), come back and try to tell me we do not live in a facio-communist country. — jtl, 419 BY NEWSEDITOR via Western Journalism Conservative journalist Audrey Hudson says that the feds recently raided her home and took … Continue reading

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