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Black Mob Violence In Swimming Pools. A Long History

 The Washington Post wasted no time in explaining why 200 black people at a private pool in McKinney, Texas attacked members of the club, bullied their children, destroyed their property, and assaulted their security guard when he invited them to … Continue reading

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Police Killings At An All-Time High

“‘Please don’t hurt my child,’ Daniels pleaded, in a scene captured by a camera mounted on the dash of one of the patrol cars. “‘Get on the f—ing ground or you’re dead!’ Trimino shouted. Then he fired five shots. When … Continue reading

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Balkanizing the News: Separation of People and State

Indeed it is a “new ball game.” And, having fought the fight for freedom since before email was widely used, I am enjoying every minute of it. — jtl, 419 by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything Due to too … Continue reading

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10 Ways That The Iron Grip Of The Big Brother Prison Grid Is Tightening On All Of Our Lives

I used to enjoy driving in the country. Now I am constantly looking over my shoulder feeling like I’m in prison. And, ever since I was rouged up by the Crape Police (aka Fish Cops), that same feeling extends to … Continue reading

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Will The New Housing Bubble That Bernanke Is Creating End As Badly As The Last One Did?

Via The Economic Collapse Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has done it.  He has succeeded in creating a new housing bubble.  By driving mortgage rates down to the lowest level in 100 years and recklessly printing money with wild abandon, … Continue reading

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Americans Troubled More by Governmental Abuse Than Terrorism

Having grown up during the Cold War, it is really hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that the Russians are lecturing us about freedom. What is even harder is to realize that all those things I … Continue reading

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Infantile Conservatism

by Patrick J. Buchanan from his web site. Regularly now, The Washington Post, as always concerned with fairness and balance, runs a blog called “Right Turn: Jennifer Rubin’s Take From a Conservative Perspective.” The blog tells us what the Post … Continue reading

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Why Do the Neocons Hate LRC?

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. Southern Poverty Law Center. Montgomery, Alabama.   The other day, the Southern Poverty Law Center discovered a set of ideas that had to be stomped out of existence: anarcho-capitalism. That’s LewRockwell.com, of course. But the … Continue reading

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Intelligence Analysis: How Dangerous Is Citizen Dataveillance

These vast collectors of information don’t want to be fed, they want to hunt. by Bill Rounds Esq. on July 25, 2010 from How to Vanish I have been fascinated recently with the Washington Post intelligence analysis by William Arkin … Continue reading

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