The Ethics of Liberty

THE ESSENCE OF LIBERTY is a series of condensed versions (Cliff Notes, if you will) of some of the classical as well as modern works in the science of liberty. It is intended to provide an introduction and sound basic foundation in the fundamentals of a discipline that integrates sound, free market principles of economics with a property rights-natural law based ethic into a single whole—a truly universal philosophy of political economy applicable to all men at all times and in all places.

These Notes make excellent study guides to be used along with the book.

My initial objective was to capture the essence of the work in as few words as possible and in a language understandable by the reasonably intelligent person without formal education in political science or economics. Hopefully, in the process, this will whet the appetite for the original and more.

My ultimate objective is to make these logically based, common sense ideas available to a wider audience and, thereby, make a small contribution to our daunting struggle for liberty. If I have succeeded, that would be my only small claim to originality because the ideas are from the minds and the pens of the origina authors. The errors and misiterpretations are mine.

What follows is a chapter by chapter Table of Contents for one of the most fundamental works in this, the science of liberty. Just click on the link to the chapter you want to see:

Table of Contents

Study Guide for The Ethics of Liberty by Murray N. Rothbard

English: This image of a young Murray Rothbard...

This image of a young Murray Rothbard was originally published by the Mises Institute

1. Natural Law And Reason

2. Natural Law as “Science”

3. Natural Law versus Positive Law

4. Natural Law And Natural Rights

5. The Task of Political Philosophy

6. A Crusoe Social Philosophy

7. Interpersonal Relations: Voluntary Exchange

8. Interpersonal Relations: Ownership and Aggression

9. Property and Criminality

10: The Problem of Land Theft

11. Land Monopoly, Past and Present

12. Self-Defense

13. Punishment and Proportionality

14. Children and Rights

15. “Human Rights” as Property Rights

16. Knowledge, True and False

17. Bribery

18. The Boycott

19. Property Rights and the Theory of Contracts

20. Lifeboat Situations

21. The “Rights” of Animals

22. The Nature of the State

23. The Inner Contradictions of the State

24. The Moral Status of Relations to the State

25. On Relations Between States

30. Toward a Theory of Strategy for Liberty

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