When a Communist Was the Assistant Secretary of War

This brief article should give you all some idea of how early the federal government was infiltrated by those with a communist mindset and objectives. Please check this out on ttps://revisedhistory.wordpress.com


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Many may look at the title of this article and complain that “this has never happened in this country.” Sorry to disappoint you, but it has–and it wasn’t in the 20th century when we had a carefully orchestrated “Cold War.” It was in the 19th century, back when they try to tell us that communism didn’t exist here. They lied to us. It did exist here, but we are not supposed to realize that fact. It doesn’t bode well for the fake historians.

The man this article is about was not a Communist Party member. But he was a communist in this worldview and he ardently supported what they were doing.

By now, those of you that have followed history know who I am writing about–Charles Anderson Dana–the assistant secretary of war under Edwin M. Stanton in the…

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Land & Livestock International, Inc.

The Lessons of Waco

By Ron Paul, MD via LewRockwell.com

April 19 was the 28th anniversary of one of the most shameful episodes in modern American history: the massacre of 76 innocent men, women, and children by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) in a military-style assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas.

The assault followed a botched raid on the Davidian compound (staged at a time that it would distract attention from an ATF sexual harassment scandal) and a two-month standoff between the Davidians and the agency. The ATF used CS tear gas against the Dravidians, even though the gas was banned by an international treaty the US agreed to just months before the assault. So, if the assault had occurred on foreign soil as part of a military operation, it would have been a war crime.

Waco illustrates the dangers to our…

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U. S. “News” Media–Bought and Paid For by Red China

Please check out this latest on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com to see who is paying our mainstream news media big bucks to publish their propaganda as though it were real news.
Posted 6/9


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

How many of you all still think the American mainstream “news” media only presents honest, objective news to its poor audiences? Not too many, I hope. If you still labor under that delusion what I present here will really ruin your day. This is not news to those that understand what goes on in this country. It is just under-reported news.

The article I will quote from here goes all the way back to 1/2/21. It is an article by Judith Bergman entitled China: Paying US Media to Publish Propaganda. It can be found at https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/16865/china-propaganda-us-,media and it i definitely worth the read.

It says, in part, “In June, China Daily filed a disclosure with the Justice Department showing that, since November 2016, it had paid $19 million to U.S. media outlets, including $12 million to newspapers such…

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Bareback Yomama

The title of this brief article is something we are already over 4 months into at this point. Anyone who can’t figure that out just ain’t paying attention. Browse at this on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com Won’t take you long and it will be a good primer for upcoming articles.

Land & Livestock International, Inc.

The title of this brief article is somethingwe are already over 4 months into at this point. Anyone who can’t figure that out just ain’t paying attention. Browse at this on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com Won’t take you long and it will be a good primer for upcoming articles. Posted 6/2 Al

Barack Obama’s Third Term via revisedhistory

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by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

A few years back I picked up a book at a used book sale that was one of the best investments I ever made. It was Stanley Kurtz’s book about the life of Barack Obama, called Radical-in-Chief. Kurtz showed how that, from his earliest days, Obama had been schooled and trained and taught how to think like a radical socialist. By the time he grew up he was incapable of any other kind of thought. He is living proof that if the…

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“The Deep Rig”

I hope the brief comments here and the sources listed will give you all some reasons to check out the latest on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

Recently, a friend at church gave me a copy of a book by Patrick Byrne called The Deep Rig. It looks like it was privately published. I checked around as to the availability of this book and found that hard copies of it seem hard to come by at this point. The printing has, so it seems, been sold out, which I hope is the case, or it has been suppressed by those mavens of political correctness aka leftists who do not want the public reading this bombshell of a book. However, an electronic version of the book is available at https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-deep-rig-patrick-m-bryne and I believe there is one on Amazon–if they have not removed it by now.

I read another brief article dealing with this on https://www.newswars.com/massive-foreign-domestic-illegal-ballot-printing just yesterday. It seems that Mr. Byrne has had a film…

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Critical Race Theory and “Woke” Evangelicals

Much of the Christian Church in our day has been bemused by cultural Marxism, of which Critical Race Theory is a major part. Problem is, they don’t even realize it. Check brief comments on https://revisedhistory.wordpress.com to get a little insight as to where Critical Race Theory comes from.
Posted 5/25


by Al Benson Jr.

Member, Board of Directors, Confederate Society of America

I can recall, back in the 1980s, which seems like ancient history now, that one of the evangelical authors that got lots of attention was Os Guinness. Evangelicals raved about his work. At that point I had not read much of what he wrote. At that point he seemed rather apolitical to me and that seemed to be what evangelicals back then liked–someone that was either apolitical or leaned slightly to the left. It was considered in some evangelical circles to be rather avant-garde to lean to the left politically. What many evangelicals did not seem to realize was that all politics is, at root, theological and that politics is only someone’s outworking of his theology. Therefore, if your politics leaned to the left, so did your theology.

Many evangelicals, even today, still have not figured this out.

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Culture War

“The left’s game is cancel culture, and it’s a game in which conservatives will always be playing defense. You cannot play the left’s game on their field and by their rules and hope for success. Charges of racism are emotional, not intellectual, and are used—successfully—to change the narrative.” om

Land & Livestock International, Inc.

Why Conservatives Will Never Win the Culture War

By Atilla Mert Sulker via LewRockwell.com

Paul Gottfried recently published a piece in the Chronicles blog, addressing Mark Levin’s charge that “Joe Biden is the most racist president in the Oval Office since Woodrow Wilson.” Of Levin’s rant, Gottfried said the following:

“Only two points in this rant seem even minimally true. One, Woodrow Wilson was a zealous “scientific” racialist who segregated the federal civil service. By 1913 this crusader for democracy abroad hadimposed segregated facilitieson all departments of the federal government. Two, Biden has rushed to racialize every crisis…

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Siege Tactics

Again, the phenomenon of a government directing its violence onto the population it theoretically exists to protect is not an overnight development.

US National Security State Imports Siege Tactics From Iraq for a New ‘War on Domestic Terror’

By Ben Bartee

The Deep State has big plans for a very particular demographic among the US citizenry.

The terminologies tossed into the word salad vary (“domestic extremist,” “homegrown terrorist,” “right-wing fanatics,” “bitter clingers,”) but they all mean more or less the same thing: the conservative, Christian, gun-owning, mostly white, non-compliant remnants of the Middle America middle class.

Operating in lockstep, the apparatuses of the Deep State intelligence community/military-industrial complex—have set sights squarely on uncooperative “libertarian” elements inside the US.

How precisely are “libertarian extremists” — or whatever buzzword de jour the corporate media has weaponized at the moment — defined? Unsurprisingly, loosely and conveniently, however the Deep State wishes to, with a broad, imaginative brushstroke to sweep up the maximum volume of political opponents possible:

“an unholy alliance of religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”

This posturing against “right-wing extremists” (again, simply meaning any individual or group who challenges the dominant neoliberal power structure) is not new in DC rhetoric, but it has intensified dramatically since the so-called “insurrection” of January 6th:

“Former CIA Director John Brennan made the statement that [the] Biden intel community [is] ‘moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about’ the pro-Trump ‘insurgency’law enforcement, homeland security, intelligence, and even the defense officials are doing everything possible to root out what seems to be a very very serious and insidious threat to our democracy and our republic.”

The CIA is by no means alone in its efforts – this is a carefully coordinated, tightly choreographed operation spanning multiple federal agencies (the so-called “alphabet boys” for their myriad acronyms), including:

  • The FBI
  • Department of Defense
  • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
  • Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
  • Homeland Security
  • NSA
  • US Department of Justice

The US Department of Justice, the enormously powerful agency tasked with enforcing federal law, recently requested an 11% overall budget increase to “combat domestic extremism, racial inequality, environmental degradation and gender violence”:

“Attorney General Merrick B. Garland told lawmakers on Tuesday that the Justice Department needs more money for Biden administration priorities including combating domestic extremism.… Mr. Garland has prioritized efforts to fight domestic terrorism and protect civil rights over the department’s focus during the Trump administration on street crime and gangs…
The department is also seeking an additional $101 million to address the rising threat of domestic terrorism.”

One of the major priorities of the Deep State’s “counter-extremism” operations is disarming the American population. In its plea for more resources for the cause, the DOJ submitted a “request for an additional $232 million to curb gun violence”:

“The additional funding would be used to… support improved background checks and more comprehensive red-flag laws, which allow the police to temporarily confiscate firearms from people who are deemed a danger to themselves or others.”


In a nation whose schoolchildren learned real lessons from history and the tenants of civilized society, none of this would be tolerated. Unfortunately, instead, 21st-century children of American public schools learn about gender pronouns and critical race theory from lobotomized education majors fresh out of their indoctrination camps in the liberal social sciences.

What is afoot is the American Empire crumbling in on itself, the comeuppance of decades of public indifference to immoral foreign occupations, of millions of dead civilians overseas, all in the service of advancing the interests of a tiny globalist elite that benefits from war.

The citizenry did nothing to stop the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, and now the ruling elite’s tools of external control and subjugation of far-away populations have been turned inward.

Consequently, normal Americans – even non-violent, relatively apolitical ones who go to work, love their families, and just want to be left alone — are now in the crosshairs of a murderous, bloodthirsty national security state.


Again, the phenomenon of a government directing its violence onto the population it theoretically exists to protect is not an overnight development.

Since the heyday of the Bush-era neocons’ Orwellian, unwinnable “War on Terror,” civil liberty activists have warned that the siege tactics employed in Iraq, Afghanistan and other immoral foreign wars would inevitably be imported onto US soil for use on the American population.

“This ain’t police work. No, it ain’t. I mean, I can send any fool with a badge and a gun up on them corners and jack a crew and grab vials. But policing? I mean, you call something a war and pretty soon everybody gonna be running around acting like warriors. They gonna be running around on a damn crusade, storming corners, slapping on cuffs, racking up body counts. And when you at war, you need a fucking enemy. And pretty soon, damn near everybody on every corner is your fucking enemy. And soon the neighborhood that you’re supposed to be policing, that’s just occupied territory.”

– Maj. Howard ‘Bunny’ Colvin, The Wire

The new “War on Domestic Terror” waged by the Deep State – aided and abetted by the corporate media —  is not about “liberation” or protecting democracy, just as the previous “War on Terror” at the turn of the century was not about those things in the far-off regions where it was waged.

Instead, what we are witnessing is an unprecedented attempt to assert domination and control over an uncompliant US populace increasingly frustrated with the unrepresentative federalized forces that occupy their land – only this time, the battlefields will be Nebraska and Mississippi, not Fallujah, and the “insurgents” are average Americans, not Iraqis.

When they are met with force, and agents of the repressive federal state killed, as will inevitably occur, it will not be the Nebraska corn farmer who is to blame. Self-defense is an inalienable right of free people everywhere.

Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. (Protecting Liberty through Private Firearms Ownership)  

“Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician.” – Jeff Cooper

Call for a pizza, a cop, and an ambulance and see which one arrives first.

In Warren v. District of Columbia the court ruled, and the Supreme Court upheld, that “(T)he desire for condemnation cannot satisfy the need for a special relationship out of which a duty to specify persons arises.” Because the complaint did not allege a relationship “beyond that found in general police responses to crimes,” the court affirmed the dismissal of the complaint for failure to state a claim.

The bottom line is that your local police are not legally obligated to protect you, the average citizen. In addition to the Warren case, there are hundreds of court rulings which state that cops are not legally responsible for protecting individual citizens. For example, see Zelig v. County of Los Angeles.

The government can’t protect you as you saw on September 11, 2001 as well as during the Washington, DC area “sniper” rampage and the plethora of active shooter events that we have had since.

In fact, the government could very well be our greatest fear, due to its propensity to murder people because of their ideas (See Ruby Ridge, ID and Waco, TX).

A simple internet or youtube.com search of “the police state” or “police brutality” will reveal literally thousands of violent crimes (from assault to cold blooded murder) committed by the State’s costumed emissaries of officially sanctioned violence (aka The Police State) against harmless and innocent people.

So, who does that leave to protect you, your life, property and family? The one and only answer is: YOU It is your duty and personal responsibility to protect yourself and your loved ones.

This responsibility is a natural right given to us by God as human beings and guaranteed to us as individuals by the Constitution of the United States of America.

Options for Homeland Defense, Inc. offers professional weapons and tactics training that will make the difference. Instructed by experienced combat veterans—guys that have “been there and done that.” It offers private instruction at its privately owned range and mobile training teams are available. All interactions are confidential and discrete.

Contact: You can contact us via email at editor@flyover-press.com or through any of the contact or email links on our Web Site at www.flyover-press.com

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Family Farm Raided

Unfortunately, the arrest warrant wasn’t the only thing these DNR agents brought. They also brought their guns and began killing all the animals Hall had been rehabilitating.

I would have loved to have been on the top of a near by (1,000 yards) hill with my 300 Win Mag with a 3X9 Leuopold Scope. — jtl, 419

Land & Livestock International, Inc.

Family’s Farm Raided, Animals Killed – For Rehabilitating Them Without A Permit

via the Activist Post

By Matt Agorist

Petoskey, MI — A Michigan farm owner’s desire to help animals in need has landed her in jail and the animals she was helping, killed. Kei Ju Farm and Rescue owner Julie Hall did not pay the government for the proper permit before helping animals so officials arrested her and then killed her animals.

Because there is no animal rescue in Petoskey, for years Hall has been rescuing both wild and domestic animals and nursing them back to health. She has years of experience in the field and has a farm where she carries out the rehabilitation. She was well known in the community for providing this service.

“We have no more rehab centers up here. So this ole farm gal helps everyone,” Hall said.

Folks in her community say that…

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Today is the anniversary of Joe Sobran’s 75th birthday. He and journalist Tom Bethell developed the metaphor of “The Hive.” Joe explains the metaphor, below.

Land & Livestock International, Inc.

The Hive

By Joseph Sobran via LewRockwell.com

Today is the anniversary of Joe Sobran’s 75th birthday. He and journalistTom Bethelldeveloped the metaphor of “The Hive.” Joe explains the metaphor, below.

Sobran’s: The Real News of the Month, June 1999— Twenty years ago, I was struck by the way various sorts of political “progressives” — Communists, socialists, liberals, “civil libertarians,” “moderates,” “pragmatists” — all spontaneously cooperated with each other. It wasn’t a conspiracy; there was obviously no central direction. But the pattern was too clear to be denied.

The word “Left” was a dead metaphor; it said nothing interesting about the people it referred to. So I used the metaphor of an insect hive, which captured the way such people moved in harmony and communicated with each other.

In a beehive, the worker bees have many specialties. The hive is organized around the queen bee, but she doesn’t have…

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