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Are Today’s Democrats (and many Republicans) Really Just Socialists?

However, as I note the Far Left socialistic bent of the Democratic Party, that should not be construed to mean that the Republican Party is pure as the driven snow by any means. There are almost as many socialists in … Continue reading

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Is Trump Suicidal?

If the president’s legal team lets Trump sit for hours answering Mueller’s agents, they should be disbarred for malpractice. Yep, a wise old country lawyer told me a long time ago, there are only 5 words you ever say to … Continue reading

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Is A Deep State Coup Underway?

Good explanation of the “Deep State.” As I heard some one say yesterday, “Elected politicos come and elected politicos go. The bureaucrats are forever.” — jtl, 419 By Vin Armani  via Activist Post In this video, Vin Armani explains how … Continue reading

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Coming: the Destruction of Centralized Politics

The tension in the country will only increase tension between the intellectual-yet-idiot class and the deplorables; the tension between the useful idiots and the productive class; tensions within the elite and deep state.  All will increase over the next four … Continue reading

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