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What’s So Special About Special Ops?

 The first reason is that the strategic objectives the foreign-policy establishment sets are unattainable by any military. Not even an army of elves and ents could remake Third World hellholes into Switzerland. And as Russell Kirk wrote, there is no … Continue reading

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Abolish DUI Laws

 We don’t need DUI laws to deal with any of this tragic, irresponsible, and serious criminal conduct.  Indeed, although these people could be charged with DUI, many prosecutors don’t bother charging these people with DUI.  People who drive drunk and … Continue reading

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Simple math explained by a 5th grader

I promise you’ll enjoy this bit of enlightenment! For those who can’t figure it out, this 5th grader will explain it to you. Pretty good but the kid blew it at the end when he talked about running for office. … Continue reading

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Why Men Are Abandoning Marriage

“Women aren’t women anymore” Radical Feminism has been one of (if not THE) most destructive forces in our culture for decades. How better to conquer a people by destroying their core values and traditions–like the immediate family unit. As Fred … Continue reading

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The 10 Most Critical Things to Consider When Consuming Mainstream News

It’s no secret that 90% of American media is owned by just 6 corporate conglomerates, and it’s also no secret that the media is used by political and corporate propagandists as a tool to reach deep into the hearts and minds … Continue reading

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Wimp Nation: Poised to Fall

“’America’s Millennials Are Among the World’s Least Skilled” Specifically, they are short on literacy, numeracy, ability to follow simple orders, poor at solving problems. Oh good. This ménage of middle-school delicates is not the country that fought World War II, … Continue reading

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The Lincoln Cult Attacks Ron Paul

 Lincoln himself was very clear on why there was a war:  By his actions he proved that his war aim was to destroy the voluntary union of the founding fathers and replace it with a coerced, Soviet-style union held together … Continue reading

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Putin Vs. Obama: Shall We Compare The Two Leaders Or Will That Be Too Embarrassing For America?

 This piece was translated from Russian, and it was originally entitled “Why The Russians Cannot Be Defeated”.  I think that you will quickly see why I am sharing this… “Then why do we, Russians, are able to part with life … Continue reading

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No Warrant, No Probable Cause, So What?

What if you need access to confidential data while traveling internationally? One option is to upload a zip file containing your data to a commercial backup service, such as Dropbox. Since Dropbox and most other cloud services aren’t especially secure, … Continue reading

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Five Back to the Future ‘Big Brother’ Predictions That Came True

Newsletter Content Alex Jones’ Infowars Which Orwellian technologies was the movie right about? Image Credits: Universal Pictures (Fair Use).   In “Back to the Future Part II,” Marty McFly time travels to Oct. 21, 2015, which is today, so let’s … Continue reading

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