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The Place of Christianity in History: A View from Without

 We live under a sort or Disneyland Marxism and descend ever deeper into complacent ignorance. It has been said that: “Were it not for the white, anglo-saxon, Christian male of Western European origin, the world would still be digging tubers … Continue reading

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At 1 a.m. in the Morning With Snipers on the Roof!

The statues are being hauled down because they have been declared to be “…public nuisances as symbols of racism and white supremacy.” … The cultural Marxists dearly love to slap that term on anyone that dares to disagree with them. … Continue reading

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‘March for Science’ invokes God, Hitler, Gay Marriage, Racism, Sexism – Blames GOP for making climate worse

Science (real science) is like an intimate object. It is what it is and it can be trusted completely. So the problem is not with “science” but with “scientists. The result is what is known in the truly “scientific” community … Continue reading

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At some point westerners, and I suspect the Europeans will be first, will have to ask themselves what is the greater danger – being called a racist or losing their civilization. Just like Gabe, any firearm training I might give … Continue reading

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Mr. Libertarian

A great article that answers some of the critical questions always asked by those new to the idea of a “stateless” society. — jtl, 419 “If (every form of government known to man has) failed what would you put in … Continue reading

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The Significance of 419

Newcomers to frequently ask why I always end my signature line with “419.” Therefore I make it a point to explain on this day every year. 419 stands for April 19th—a date upon which occurred several important events associated … Continue reading

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Notes for a White Kid in University: An Introduction to the Blindingly Obvious

Look around you. Can you find anything with a moving part that was not invented by whites?  Anything electronic? Cars, telephones, computers, aircraft, antibiotics, on and on–all sprang from the minds of white people. You are not supposed to say … Continue reading

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April Is Confederate History Month–but the gutless will never proclaim it!

April is Confederate History Month and I’d be willing to bet you haven’t heard the first word about it from the “fake news” media. This is one of those things that they, in their unending wisdom, have deemed you don’t need to … Continue reading

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5 Major Stories That Blow The “Official” Narrative On Syria Out Of The Water

Below is a list of five different stories that should make you question everything the United States has told you about Syria.  There is only one thing about government of any level you can always be sure of–they ALWAYS lie, … Continue reading

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Common Sense? The Power of Prayer? Or Both?

Originally posted on revisedhistory:
by Al Benson Jr. My last two posts, on April 8th and 11th were both understandably negative given what seemed to be transpiring. It seemed as if Trump had totally jumped the traces and was totally…

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