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Socialism Is War and War Is Socialism

Libertarians are often quick to point out the ways in which free trade, both within and across national borders, creates cooperative interdependencies among those who trade, thereby reducing the likelihood of war. Yep, as I said yesterday, people are reluctant … Continue reading

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Private Enterprise versus Free Enterprise

I frequently say that George Orwell was an optimist. Our cultural, social and economic destroyers have twisted and tortured the language until up is down, black is white, and ignorance is brilliance. We must take care to use the language … Continue reading

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Globalism – What Good Is It?

Nothing wrong with marketplace globalization. But how can globalized regulation, globalized taxation and globalized monopoly central banking be part of a positive trend? Very well summarized and explains our (An-cap) approval of truly free international trade (vs. the managed trade that … Continue reading

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Want Peace? Promote Free Trade

by JULIAN ADORNEY via The Freeman Frédéric Bastiat famously claimed that “if goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will.” Bastiat argued that free trade between countries could reduce international conflict because trade forges connections between nations and gives each country an incentive to … Continue reading

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