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Caltrops and Systems Disruption

by John Robb via Global Guerillas Some of the recent protests over Furguson have attempted to block traffic (LA and Boston) to cause delays.  Here’s an example (note the barricades on the left).  Of course, this method isn’t much of … Continue reading

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Fergusons in Perpetuity: Thoughts on the Unfixable

by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything Two questions, methinks, arise from Ferguson’s latest outburst. The first, political, is “Why does the country tolerate it?” The second, more anthropologically interesting, is “Why the eerie incapacity of underclass blacks to understand … Continue reading

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The New Generation of Holocaust Deniers

A Grant museum in Mississippi is not unlike having a pro-Hitler Museum in Auschwitz, Poland. And the bastards expect us to forget? When donkey’s fly.  General Lee said later that, had he known the ultimate outcome, he would not have … Continue reading

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Border Crisis: A Flood of Drybacks

Albeit blatantly partisan, this is “belly laugh” funny. — jtl, 419 via Gary North’s Tea Party Economist (Reuters) The flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past week, sparking calls for increased patrols … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving & Capitalism

Another very good reason to celebrate Thanksgiving. It is a story that should be widely told. So please spread it to your friends and family. Unfortunately, thanks to the contamination of the language, the use of the term “capitalism” has … Continue reading

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What Really Happened in Vietnam in 6 Minutes

Why, after 45 years, did this bring tears to my eyes? I never knew the details of the betrayal (de-funding by congress) but I have always called it a betrayal (even wrote a book about it). With friends like the … Continue reading

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Bloomberg: Calls for a US Exit Tax on the Horizon

By Staff News & Analysis – via The Daily Bell Why America Needs an Exit Tax … President Obama’s executive action on immigration will end the threat of deportation for as many as 3.7 million parents of American citizens, while also … Continue reading

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A small tip: you can’t “fix” the “system”.  Either you bow to your enslavement or you rise up, mentally, and disavow anything to do with it.  Yes indeed, without government it would be disorder and chaos. (Tongue in cheek, satiristic, sarcasm…in … Continue reading

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Johnson has been London’s mayor since 2008 and is even planning on running for Parliament.  His big mistake was being born in New York, though. Even though he moved at age 5, the US government wants him to pay capital … Continue reading

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The Second American Revolution: An Utterly Objective Analysys

This sounds like something I would like to still be around for. A reason for living. — jtl, 419 by Fred Reed via Fred on Everything The Revolution of 2019 began, curiously enough, in fall of 2019 when Mary Lou … Continue reading

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