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Classical Liberalism versus Anarchocapitalism

…today (in the first decade of the 21st century) economic science has already shown: (1) that the state is unnecessary; (2) that statism (even if minimal) is theoretically impossible; and (3) that, given human nature, once the state exists, it … Continue reading

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YouTube Terminated Our Channel Without Warning

Please help Activist Post rebuild on censorship-proof platforms like Bitchute, DTube, and Steemit by following the links and subscribing. Thanks for your commitment to liberty. — jtl, 419 via Activist Post A couple of weeks ago we found our YouTube channel completely … Continue reading

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Don’t Call the Cops If You’re Autistic, Deaf, Mentally Ill, Disabled or Old

Life in the American police state is an endless series of don’ts delivered at the end of a loaded gun… (And) disabled individuals make up a third to half of all people killed by law enforcement officers. Proof that there … Continue reading

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I Predict Trump Will Continue the CIA’s JFK Assassination Cover-Up

In 1953, the CIA was in the process of developing a top-secret manual on assassinations, one that showed that the CIA was specializing not only in the art of assassination but also in the art of covering up its role in … Continue reading

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The Worm Turns

…all this stuff Mueller claims he is doing is nothing more than a giant distraction–thrown out there to redirect people’s thoughts away from the real Russian collusion that has gone on between the Clintons and Putin as far back as 2009. Both … Continue reading

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Nationwide Human Trafficking Stings Ensnare Multiple Cops—84 Kids as Young as 3 Months Freed

It is important to note that some of these arrests included people trying to simply pay another willing adult to have sex with them… In the Land of the Free, it is against the law to get paid to have … Continue reading

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American Education or Socialist Indoctrination?

A civilization becoming a shadow of its former greatness – this is the gift of the Left. And it makes me simultaneously sad and fighting mad. — jtl, 419 By Tabitha Korol via Constitution Nikita S. Krushchev said, “Comrades! We … Continue reading

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This Is How Tyranny Rises and Freedom Falls: The Experiment in Freedom Is Failing

The U.S. government now poses the greatest threat to our freedoms…More than terrorism, more than domestic extremism, more than gun violence and organized crime, even more than the perceived threat posed by any single politician, the U.S. government remains a … Continue reading

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Why do so many people see secession as a terrible thing?

When I look at how badly Washington, D.C., governs, the idea of secession doesn’t scare me.   It motivates me because it is our last best hope for Flyover country. — jtl, 419   by John Stossel: via Fox News … Continue reading

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A Legion of Devils

By Al Benson A review of Karen Stokes, A Legion of Devils: Sherman in South Carolina (Shotwell Press, 2017). Many of us have read about the horrendous things William Tecumseh Sherman did as he and his “bummers” marched through Georgia, things … Continue reading

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