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Turn Out the Lights and Lock the Door: I Hear the Fat Lady Singing

…racial lawlessness, glorification of every sexual weirdity anyone can imagine, hostility to Christianity (but not to Judaism or Islam), phony charges of rape, compulsory Ritalin-ingestion, grotesque affirmative action in the hiring of cops and firemen, attacks on academic standards, little … Continue reading

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Anti-Libertarian Outrage –

by Thomas DiLorenzo via “Those people who owned slaves in the pre-Civil War U.S. were guilty of the crime of kidnapping.” Professor Walter Block, Human Rights Review, July-Sept. 2002, p. 55 Most readers of are probably aware of … Continue reading

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Faking it

It’s hardly the first time professional academics and professional journalists huddled together with professional politicians to produce amateurish results. Indeed. Back in my academic years, I had an office suit-mate that held her PhD in Wildlife Management. One day she … Continue reading

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10 Rules for Dealing With Cops

by Steve Silverman at Flex Your Rights via I can hardly believe it’s been five years since we released 10 Rules for Dealing with Police! But you wouldn’t know it from the way people react when they see it … Continue reading

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Popular Radio Host and Guest Censored by Radio Station Over Vaccines

Who would throw out a perfectly good Gary Null interview? Gary Null, PhD, age 70By Heather Callaghan via Activist Post Gary Null has been a popular, longtime radio host with the longest running health talk show which airs on Progressive … Continue reading

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Homosexual Boy Scout Leaders=Preferential Treatment for Homosexuals

By essentially saying they’d trust homosexuals with Boy Scouts but not normal men with Girl Scouts, Gates and his fellow travelers have gone beyond equality — they’re implying that homosexuals are superior to straight men. Gates is a fag and … Continue reading

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Radical Feminism

Murray Rothbard called “women’s lib” (aka radical feminism) the “ugly girl’s movement.” — jtl, 419 by Paul Joseph Watson editor at large of and Prison As you can see from this video, feminists are nice, polite people. They … Continue reading

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Memorial Day Is A Hoax

It may seem odd for me, a military man to adopt such a comparison. Truthfulness compels me to. I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the … Continue reading

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Hey Grimes, what’s up dude?

Almost since day 1, it has always been a tradition at FlyoverPress to republish “Hey Grimes” each Memorial Day. Gary Lynn Grimes was a pure and honorable man. His story is tragic but, more than that, it is representative of … Continue reading

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How To Spot And Critique Censorship Tropes In The Media’s Coverage Of Free Speech Controversies

American journalists and pundits rely upon vigorous free speech, but are not reliable supporters of it. They both instruct and reflect their fickle audience. … It’s easy to spot overt calls for censorship from the commentariat. I usually make it … Continue reading

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