20 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Starting To Catch Fire

For those of you who are considering expatriation: If your only reason is to escape the coming economic collapse of the Great Satin, you might want to rethink your decision. This will not be confined to the uSSA. It is (and will continue to be) a GLOBAL phenomenon from which there is no place on earth to escape. Keep you powder dry. — jtl, 419

by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse

Lighting A Match - Photo by Sebastian RitterIf you have been waiting for the “global economic crisis” to begin, just open up your eyes and look around.  I know that most Americans tend to ignore what happens in the rest of the world because they consider it to be “irrelevant” to their daily lives, but the truth is that the massive economic problems that are currently sweeping across Europe, Asia and South America are going to be affecting all of us here in the U.S. very soon.  Sadly, most of the big news organizations in this country seem to be more concerned about the fate of Justin Bieber’s wax statue in Times Square than about the horrible financial nightmare that is gripping emerging markets all over the planet.  After a brief period of relative calm, we are beginning to see signs of global financial instability that are unlike anything that we have witnessed since the financial crisis of 2008.  As you will see below, the problems are not just isolated to a few countries.  This is truly a global phenomenon.


Over the past few years, the Federal Reserve and other global central banks have inflated an unprecedented financial bubble with their reckless money printing.  Much of this “hot money” poured into emerging markets all over the world.  But now that the Federal Reserve has begun “tapering” quantitative easing, investors are taking this as a sign that the party is ending.  Money is being pulled out of emerging markets all over the globe at a staggering pace and this is creating a tremendous amount of financial instability.  In addition, the economic problems that have been steadily growing over the past few years in established economies throughout Europe and Asia just continue to escalate.  The following are 20 signs that the global economic crisis is starting to catch fire…

#1 The unemployment rate in Greece has hit a brand new record high of 28 percent.

#2 The youth unemployment rate in Greece has hit a brand new record high of 64.1 percent.

#3 The percentage of bad loans in Italy is at an all-time record high.

#4 Italian industrial output declined again in December, and the Italian government is on the verge of collapse.

#5 The number of jobseekers in France has risen for 30 of the last 32 months, and at this point it has climbed to a new all-time record high.

#6 The total number of business failures in France in 2013 was even higher than in any year during the last financial crisis.

#7 It is being projected that housing prices in Spain will fall another 10 to 15 percent as their economic depression deepens.

#8 The economic and political turmoil in Turkey is spinning out of control.  The government has resorted to blasting protesters with pepper spray and water cannons in a desperate attempt to restore order.

#9 It is being estimated that the inflation rate in Argentina is now over 40 percent, and the peso is absolutely collapsing.

#10 Gangs of armed bandits are roaming the streets in Venezuela as the economic chaos in that troubled nation continues to escalate.

#11 China appears to be very serious about deleveraging.  The deflationary effects of this are going to be felt all over the planet. The following is an excerpt from Ambrose Evans-Pritchard’s recent article entitled “World asleep as China tightens deflationary vice“…

China’s Xi Jinping has cast the die. After weighing up the unappetising choice before him for a year, he has picked the lesser of two poisons.

The balance of evidence is that most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong aims to prick China’s $24 trillion credit bubble early in his 10-year term, rather than putting off the day of reckoning for yet another cycle.

This may be well-advised for China, but the rest of the world seems remarkably nonchalant over the implications.

#12 There was a significant debt default by a coal company in China last Friday

A high-yield investment product backed by a loan to a debt-ridden coal company failed to repay investors when it matured last Friday, state media reported on Wednesday, in the latest sign of financial stress in China’s shadow bank sector.

#13 Japan’s Nikkei stock index has already fallen by 14 percent so far in 2014.  That is a massive decline in just a month and a half.

#14 Ukraine continues to fall apart financially

The worsening political and economic circumstances in Ukraine has prompted the Fitch Ratings agency to downgrade Ukrainian debt from B to a pre–default level CCC. This is lower than Greece, and Fitch warns of future financial instability.

#15 The unemployment rate in Australia has risen to the highest level in more than 10 years.

#16 The central bank of India is in a panic over the way that Federal Reserve tapering is effecting their financial system.

#17 The effects of Federal Reserve tapering are also being felt in Thailand

In the wake of the US Federal Reserve tapering, emerging economies with deteriorating macroeconomic figures or visible political instability are being punished by skittish markets. Thailand is drifting towards both these tendencies.

#18 One of Ghana’s most prominent economists says that the economy of Ghana will crash by June if something dramatic is not done.

#19 Yet another banker has mysteriously died during the prime years of his life.  That makes five “suspicious banker deaths” in just the past two weeks alone.

#20 The behavior of the U.S. stock market continues to parallel the behavior of the U.S. stock market in 1929.

Yes, things don’t look good right now, but it is important to keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

This is just the leading edge of the next great financial storm.

Lighting A Match - Photo by Sebastian RitterThe next two years (2014 and 2015) are going to represent a major “turning point” for the global economy.  By the end of 2015, things are going to look far different than they do today.

None of the problems that caused the last financial crisis have been fixed.  Global debt levels have grown by 30 percent since the last financial crisis, and the too big to fail banks in the United States are 37 percent larger than they were back then and their behavior has become even more reckless than before.

As a result, we are going to get to go through another “2008-style crisis”, but I believe that this next wave is going to be even worse than the previous one.

So hold on tight and get ready.  We are going to be in for quite a bumpy ride.


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8 Responses to 20 Signs That The Global Economic Crisis Is Starting To Catch Fire

  1. Brian in Chile says:

    Despite your well intended caveat here I still feel more comfortable weathering the upcoming financial storm in a country like Chile, wherein the major cities are located in close proximity to the sources of agricultural production and wherein it is quite common for people to cultivate gardens in their back yards along with chickens and rabbits. Farmer’s markets abound here in Concepcion, where I live. There is one going on every day of the week in some part of town and ALL the produce is organic. Heck, I can even buy unpasteurized cow’s milk on the street here. I have yet to see a SWAT team descend upon the smiling campeseno that I buy it from. There are no festering ethnicity problems here waiting to violently erupt nor have they established a huge welfare or police state designed to alternatively deny benefits to or clamp down upon a disobedient populace. Unemployment here in Chile hoovers around a “real” 7% not the statistically doctored 9% (which translates to a real 22%) as in the US. The international economy here is securely underpinned by a diverse mineral and agricultural production capacity which insures a favorable trade balance, which, even allowing for a diminution owing to a global slowdown, would hardly be eliminated. In the event of a major crisis, natural or financial, I would invest more of my confidence in in the Chilean People, with their innate sense of neighborliness, civic duty and religiously instilled benevolence, to find peaceful, rational and nonviolent solutions to crisis situations than I ever would in the spoiled, overly entitled and completely dumbed-down urban American population. So, I remain happily unpersuaded by your assertion that expatriation would do nothing to mitigate the adverse effects of the inevitable collapse. I have placed my bet accordingly and have voted with my feet. I hope we can ALL weather the upcoming storm with minimal disruption to our lives. God willing, a better world will emerge and blossom on the other side.


  2. Beware of proximity to major cities. Everyone’s get away should be at least one gas tank away from any city over 100,00 in population.


  3. L Gully says:

    And then there’s this article from Oct 2012 noting where Paul Volker predicted the S will HTF by March 2014 – http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2012/oct/25/us-economy-on-schedule-to-crash-march-2014/?page=all

    Yeah… Keep yer powder dry.

    On Fri, Feb 14, 2014 at 6:33 AM, Flyover-Press.com wrote:

    > Land & Livestock Interntional, Inc. posted: “For those of you who are > considering expatriation: If your only reason is to escape the coming > economic collapse of the Great Satin, you might want to rethink your > decision. This will not be confined to the uSSA. It is (and will continue > to be) a GLOBAL p”


  4. Gunny G says:

    Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD ~ DICK.G: AMERICAN ! and commented:
    GUNNY G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. 7thpillar says:

    While this “Fourth Turning” may be unavoidable, there are places safer than others once you discount the so-called developed West.

    While there still remains plenty of places one could be self-sufficient in the States, governments at all levels are doing their best to undercut self-sufficiency including raids by SWAT teams.

    Parts of SE Asia, Central and South America seem to be the best relatively safe havens.

    The Boot-Strap Expat


  6. It has been reported to me that I miss-spelled Satan. Well yeah, I’ve been doing that kind of thing quite frequently lately. It is a case of the fingers getting ahead of brain. They call it “old timers” disease. Senility is a terrible thing…but better than the other alternative. And there is at least one thing good about it–you don’t have to give a shit anymore about what other people think. Old age is actually quite liberating. Fuck English teachers.


  7. Brian in Chile says:

    Hey, Jimbo!! If you value your personal safety I would advise that it’s not a good idea to misspell Satan’s name!! He is one nasty dude and takes such disrespectful slights quite personally. You could well end up walking around with a pitchfork stuck in your buttocks!
    Speaking of taking it personally, I happen to be an English teacher here in Chile, and just to remind you, I one time in the past had called your attention to your misspelling of this word. I think you might now be contracting Half-heimer’s disease in your “senility”!
    But let’s not be hypocritical! If you have enough concern to publish a valuable newsletter like this, you obviously DO care about what people think. In your defense I would offer the fact that intellectually gifted individuals are often poor spellers. We have better uses for our creative minds than to subject them to the rote and boring memorization of mere alphabetic sequences.


  8. Brian in Chile says:

    PS : It is “misspelled” not “miss-spelled”! Fucking grammar Nazis!!!


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